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Our web development internship has been highly popular.
There has been many interns who launched their tech careers after gaining valuable experience and skills through our program.

With real-world projects and collaboration with experienced professionals, our internship offers a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

Our app development internship provides a hands-on learning experience, with real-world projects and collaboration with experienced professionals.
Previous interns have launched their tech careers after gaining valuable skills through our program, praising our supportive work environment. Kickstart your career in the growing mobile app industry with our App Development internship.

AI is the future and we train you to be ahead.
Our AI internship provides a hands-on learning experience in machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics, with real-world projects and collaboration with experienced professionals.
Launch your career in AI with our program, praised for its supportive work environment and valuable skills gained by previous interns.

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☑ Internship Completion Certificate

Completing an internship allows aspirants to gain relevant knowledge and exposure in the industry. This can serve in the development of the individual’s career in the long run and the vlidation will be given with the internship completion certificate.

☑ Recommendation Letter

You will get a letter of recommendation if you have done your chosen tasks top notch during your internship. The internhsip will be reviewed for recommendation letter.

☑ Acknowledgement on our platform

Acknowledgements let you know who contributed or did work on something same with the companies. Tag “SCALE IT MORE” on Linkedin with your offer letter and we will feature you on our page.

☑ An opportunity to work on projects that matter

Make an impact with real-world projects during your internship. Strive to be a superstar and leave with potential job offer.

☑ Network Opportunity

The most valuable asset which you can have is an excellent network and you’ll get chance to network with people who are like minded with you.

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Empowering Young Minds: SCALE IT MORE’s Internship Program for Skill Development and Career Growth

We specialize in developing custom software solutions, creating content & marketing that bring our clients’ digital visions to life. Our team works closely with each client throughout the entire development or creation process to ensure that their end goals are met. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver exceptional service every time.

SCALE IT MORE is dedicated to helping students and young people explore the vast opportunities offered by technology and other rapidly growing industries. Our aim is to bridge the gap between students and practical knowledge, helping them take steps closer to achieving their aspirations. As a registered MSME start-up, we are always eager to welcome new members to join us in our journey of continual learning and boundless joy.


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